Thursday 26 April 2012

SelectSpecs Review

I am a 4 eyed glasses wearer i have been for more years than i care to remember but what i can tell you i loath spending money on glasses for me they are something i have to wear, i ALWAYS go for the same style I'm just so predictable and i ALWAYS go for the same colour... black.

I wear them every day much to my disgust and i alternate with contacts when i can be bothered to use them, so when i am in need of getting a new pair of glasses i do not want to spend the earth on the i am honestly not to fussed if they are branded or not, i used to be but now money is a little tighter this is not a luxury for me.

I was asked to order and review a pair of glasses by selectspecs these glasses START at £6, i mean £6 really.. i am not going to lie i had my doubts i wasn't sure what to expect for £6 and i didn't think it would be amazing so i eagerly awaited the worlds cheapest glasses to arrive on my door step. Delivery took roughly 10 days .. i chose a pair of glasses which were a little different to my usual they had hints of purple with in the black i know what your thinking! wow she is being REALLY daring right haha well for me it was.

so the box arrived i rip into it like a kid at Christmas and out popped the glasses, they are a plastic frame and man they are pretty awesome the frame was called 2310, really sturdy suited me well and i am going to be wearing them EVERY day. They are comfortable fit my face, look well and actually surprised me i mean £6 i can barely believe it.

I have just gone and order ANOTHER pair with my own money from this site black with a hint of blue! again they were £6 a pair plus £4 shipping i cant wait to receive them and be even more daring.

As well as the basic glasses they have a great selection of cheap designer glasses and sunglasses, and within there selection they have rimless too!

Selectspecs are the cheapest prescription glasses IN THE WORLD and if you want your own pair you can order them here

don't fancy ordering on line then you can go to there new store and see them for yourselves UK
37 Station Road
Kent, UK

If i had the guts i would definitely give the RayBan styled glasses a go maybe one day ay!

Love Aimee


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  1. They're really cute actually! Good review!