Tuesday 3 April 2012

Capital FM's Ladies Night

Hey everyone, i was so lucky to have won wickets to capital FM's Ladies Night which took place last night in Southampton.

It was such a great night, i went with my 2 very very good friends Jennifer and Natasha, we got dressed up and couldn't wait for a well deserved night out.

We were in for a right treat after reading what was in store for us

Ann Summers
W got to ogle at the catalogues check out some products and even got to see a catwalk show of there latest products

Ever Ours
A local shop with some jaw dropping designs

I have actually brought a dress i saw on the catwalk cannot wait to receive it!

Zoe & Gillies from Capital Fm's Breakfast show

Cake a Moment Cupcakes
Here you could Ice your own and buy pre-iced ones in all different flavours.

At lush you got to sample and see some of there latest and best selling products

The best bit we got to make our own bath bomb eeek how fun and amazing
These 2 gorgeous girls are my besties

Solent ravers cheerleaders

This was fun to watch, its the local Uni's cheer squad was almost like being in the USA

Hair Port

this was pretty awesome they had set up a blow bar, you could get your hair done is a gorgeous do, they are super friendly very talented and look fab!

Your hosts - Capital FM

Making your own California roll at Yo Sushi

this probably had the longest queue i watched Natasha roll her own and the best bit it tasted AMAZING

Me and my girls got asked to be on the catwalk for the best dressed out of 10 people we didn't win but at least we got asked!

These was lots more there including wine tasting, benefit (brought a bronzer), clinique, many different local shops where you could buy handbags and jewellery.
As well as the local college where Jennifer got a manicure.
We got complimentary cocktails and canapes

Natasha Rocking the catwalk! shes a total natural. This picture is curtsy of

Fun piccys from Shutter Booth!

What i came home with

My home made lush bath bomb - cant wait to try it

My free clinique lippi

My benefit goodie bag
I got this free with my purchase which i am waiting to receive - review to come

I won the raffle and this was part of my Prize
a box full to the brim of clinique goodies how lucky am i!

a family ticket to marwell zoo
and a voucher for a 2 course meal for 2 people

I would like to thank capital Fm for a completely fantastic night it was well run and organised full of lots to keep everyone entertained. It wasn't over crowded and had something for everyone.

Love Aimee


  1. this looked like soooo much fun :D
    you all look fab x

  2. Wow looks like such a great night! You'll have to do a review of all the lovely products you got :) xx

  3. Wow, looks like you had an amazing night, I'm quite jealous! You got to make your own bath bomb?! I bet it smells lovely haha :)

    Frances x

  4. Sounds like you had a fab time! :-) Lush is just amazing xo

  5. Wow looks like a great night :)