Sunday 15 April 2012

Teeth Whitening #4 Zero Peroxide

On a quest to bring you the best teeth whitening products around i would like to introduce to you Zero Peroxide this is a non peroxide teeth whitening system for home use.

What you get

Travel Bag
2 x 10ml gels
comfort mouth double tray
LED Accelerator
Mouth tray holder
Whitening Gel pen
Tooth colour Guide
Free shipping

First impressions i like the travel bag, this for me is better than a box its easier for storage during uses and is more hygienic as it can be wiped over and cleaned unlike botanical white which comes in a recyclable box for storage.

With this you only get 2 10ml gels for use with the trays which does reduce the amount of uses however you can buy subsequent gels at £17.99 per 10ml if you choose to Nice you have run out.

Right so this mouth tray is a double one and works on both the upper set of teeth and lower, is it more squidgy and is clearer than other trays i have used which allows the LED light to work better and more officiant however this mouth tray although squidgy and fairly comfortable is very bulky when in the mouth and when you add the LED light it really does give your mouth a work out. I found nearing the end of the treatment i had to hold the led light in place with my hand as my mouth no longer had the strength to do it on its own.

LED light as i have said this is great it allows treatment time to be reduced when used with the gels giving you a faster result.

Mouth tray holder brilliant thing to included otherwise if your like me a bit of a hygiene freak i was at a loose end with that to do with my trays after use with the botanical white kit, this solves that problem and allows safe and hygienic storage till your next treatment.

whitening gel pen,this is great it is for in between treatments for touch ups, can be used after meals etc to give a quick refresh! works well and give an instance result.

Colour guide love this as i love to see progress me and my 2 gorgeous girls tested this kit one after the other to see how we fared on the results chart

I started at a 2.5 and after one use was left with gleaming teeth at 1.5
My gorgeous Girl 1 started off at 4.5 never having used any teeth whitening products before and came down to a fresh face 3.5.
Gorgeous Friend number 2 was a 3 and came down again to a 2/2.5

so for one use we all received welcoming and impressive results.

But all also experienced jaw ache which was a bit of a down side to it but for whiter teeth is it a price i am happy to pay.

So for this kit its usual retail price is £99.99 but is on offer at £59.99

It is more than botanical white but for that £10 you loose 2 teeth gels and gain a storage bag, mouth tray holder and a clearer mouth tray for More enhanced results and a on the go touch up pen.

I am happy with the results i received from using this kit as are my friends, it is worth the money for me as you get to have a reliable treatment at home in comfort even if you factor in the jaw ache the number of application you receive makes it cost effective..

Its safe for sensitive teeth and tastes alright too.

are you an at home teeth whitener fenatic like myself ? what brands have you used? and would you buy this one?

Love Aimee


  1. I'd love to whiten my teeth, but I'm scared to do it myself. I'm glad it worked, can you imagine paying that much only for it to be a dud?

  2. If my teeth were ever a 7 I'd be seriously concerned! Ha ha.Also glad it worked, it is quite expensive! I've never tried anything other than whitening toothpastes (which do nothing) so maybe i should give it a go! x

  3. I definitely want to try one of these kits! They're so pricey though, I'll have to start saving!

    Frances xx

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  5. Interesting product. I would love to try it too. Some toothpaste that promises whiter teeth are not very effective. Although I get a regular cleaning session from my dentist all the time. dentist kansas city

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  7. This looks very effective, but I'm not sure if I can perform it on myself. Is this Zero Peroxide is the same with the one most dental clinics used?

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  8. This is an affordable alternative rather than undergoing a teeth whitening procedure in a dental clinic. I have read some of the reviews about this product and I wanna try it.

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  9. I guess if it works for some people, it is not bad to give it a try. It is good that there are more affordable alternative methods to get that white teeth everyone's been wanting. Dentist Sippy Downs

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  11. This is amazingly an effective solution to brighten the smile. Teeth whitening with zero per oxide is safe is safe without any gum irritation or side effects inside the soft tissues of the mouth.

  12. Wow! This is amazing! For a dentists fort mill student like me to have a dental equipment of this kind is a wonderful thing to have. I agree to crest 3d whitestrips, its a newest yet affordable way to have a bright and radiant smile.

  13. This is great. Does it really work? Hope it does because I am planning to buy this soon. I am currently using strips though.

  14. Just wondering if this works? I should ask my dentists in santa barbara . Maybe he is aware of this product and will tell me if it is safe or not.

  15. I have tried trays and they were a little uncomfortable, recommend you to try teeth strips instead. I bought a kit from Stella white and they were extremely easy to use! :)

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