Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Orly Feel The Vibe Collection

This is pure indulgence the new Orly feel the vibe collection, i want it and i need it !
wouldn't you agree that every colour is just perfect together and perfect for the summer! i am going to be buying this collection one polish at a time and when i have them all i cannot wait to try some gorgeous nail art!
From left to right you have
Melt your Popsicle
Skinny Dip
Beach Cruiser
After party
They are £7.50 a bottle from beauty bay and have free shipping! i will be buying 1 a week

I'm too excited to own this!

I am as you know a HUGE Orly fan you can check out my ever growing collection here, the quality and longevity of there polish is brilliant and is always easy to apply and looks great.

what are you thoughts on the collection?

Love Aimee



  1. Skinny dip is such a pretty shade.

  2. Gotta have that pink one gna get it now x

  3. Ooo lovely colours - I really want the green and blue shades!


  4. What a stunning array of colours - love it!X

  5. I've never tried Orly nail polish but I really feel I should give them a go...unfortunately I am a lifelong nail biter. I gave up last year and kept it up for awhile but I had a reeeeally stressful month just recently and gnawed them all again. :( They're growing out so I might treat myself when they're nice and long again. :)

    I love the pink, it reminds me of Nicki Minaj, haha.

    One a week is mental though, you addict!

    Emily x

    1. you have to i promise you wont b dissapointed! ahh orly do a nail biting soloution too hun maybe try that! good luck growing them xxx