Tuesday 1 May 2012

Running A - Z #3

So late but not least i have come to the final part of my running A-Z this time i am looking at Q - Z

so lets begin

Q - Quadriceps

these muscles are at the front of the thighs and are what give the power when you run, remember we don't like injury so ALWAYS stretch them after each run.

R - Race for life 

This is a short 5k race and is great is your a person who loves to raise money for a cause and get healthy doing it. I did it last year it was hard work but really good fun!

S - Stretching

As already mentioned above this is so important to do AFTER a workout research shows that stretching before can reduce muscle strength.

T - Trail running

off road running not going to lie doest appeal to me as i have issues running on a road let alone when i could fall and trip even easier however doing trails is better for your joints and strengthens your legs.

U - Unstructured

there is a method from Sweden that is called Fartlek which means speed play, during your run you alternate between walking, running, jogging and sprinting to keep your body on its toes keeps your routine a little fresh and helps speed up calorie burn.

V - Very cute Kit

According to Health and fitness magazine they believe that having a workout kit which is swoon worthy gives you more motivation to put it on and get fit so ladies go get some swoon worthy practical running get and get your butts on the road!

W - Wild training

Go to fitness camps, boot camps or fitness weekend retreats and train with like minded people keeps you motivated and fit!
I am not going to a lie a week on a beach does seem a little more appealing haha!

X - Xteme races

this is something i cannot see my self doing however if your a avid marathon runner ha which i can assure you i am not why not try an ultra marathon .... yup you go it this is the 26.2 mile run and then some. I think i will be giving an ultra marathon a miss.. how about you?

Y - Yoga

i really want to try yoga but getting a great class where i live seams a little bit of a challenge, practing yoga breathing can help you run  and work at a higher intensity as well as improving your posture and balance so get in your downward facing dog and breath damn it!

and finally


sleep the best part of the day ad one of the most important, as you need sleep to function and is crucial for recovery and repair. So if your training make sure you get a good nights sleep in as this helps produce the human grown hormone which is a necessity for repair of the body so every night get a full 7-8 hours sleep in.

So there you have it my running A-Z , I hope you have enjoyed reading it and don't forget to check back for more health and fitness tops to get you into great shape

Love Aimee


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  1. loved reading these, I've recently started running and have learnt some important tips :)