Monday 23 April 2012

Lipstick Love Korres 12

Love is not a strong enough work for this lipstick, i didnt know Korres actually did make up other than lip butters untill send me this gorgeous goodie in the post.

This is shade 12 Frost pink, its a completly gorgeoud light shade perfect for spring days, at work meetings and for running around. This is my go to colour and i pull it out before considering anything else.

Its a light moisturising lipstick made with mango butter, it left my lips feeling soft for a good number of hours. I like the packaging the lipstick itseld if fairly heavy but i like this idea it seperates it from other brands and i would more than anything  be happy to try more from the Korres collection.

It retails at £15 and you can get it with free shipping from

they are the cutest online shop with an amazing selection of vegan and eco friendly make-up products as well as a really good selection of skin and nail products

what so you think of the colour? i like it its not pigmented so for me makes me feel better about wearing something that isnt to poppy or bright.

Love Aimee


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  1. Its bad that i cant find this brand in my country , its look great from what i have read about it