Sunday 22 April 2012

Running A-Z #1

i am a subscriber to health and fitness magazine and so with this in mind i wanted to share there running A-Z i will be doing it in bite sized chunks so today


A - Aerobic Exercise

Jogging uses oxygen as its primary fuel source classing it as aerobic, it improves your heart health and adding sprints into your runs and interval training helps to increase your fitness levels fast.

B - Backwards running

yes actually going backwards can be just as good as going forward however it works a different set of muscles! do it in a park though to save getting run over !

C - Chest

women who exercise don't wear sports bra's 68% in fact! and i am one of those girls, this is why i am a sufferer of droopy boobies! so girls wear a proper and fully supportive sports bra before your boobies are swinging by your knees!

D - Dehydration

Drink drink drink! drinking more actually improves your running performance! if your pee is dark get glugging!


Excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption this is what happens after you exercise with training such as interval training, at this point your body continues to burn pesky calories even when your resting.

F- Forefoot striking

who what now? well what it means when you run place the ball of your foot down first rather than your heel .. why? its a more efficient way of running.

G - Glutes

don't want to injure yourself? well week glutes often turn to injury help to reduce the risk by doing a bridge on the floor 20 times a day!

hope you enjoyed the first part of health and fitness A-Z for running

you can pick up a copy in the shops now, i love this mag

Love Aimee



  1. Thanks for sharing this, I really need to get back into running, I've been slacking lately due to my damned dissertation!


  2. Thanks for this, I've been looking into starting running recently and I think I'm gonna have to give it a go! Looking forward to the next part :)