Tuesday 31 January 2012

A/W 2012 Hair trend Prediction Up do's Using Clynol

I feel for A/W 2012 a key hair trend that will be gracing the catwalks is gorgeous Up Do's .

They can be sleek and smooth or fun and messy, nothing can be ruled out and anything goes! The fun part is you can let your imagination run wild!

These can all be re-created at home by you and me! and all you need is some imagination and the right tools to do it.

So to get these fantastic looks at home you will need

Clynol Hair-thickening Elixir

Thicken Hair Thickening Elixir 

This is a great product to add Volume and thickness to get you well on your way to a voluminous Up do.

Add a small amount to damp hair

Lift  Strong Mousse
Lift Strong Mousse

 Apply using a comb to damp hair before blow drying

This will give your hair the lift it needs to create the style

When the hair is dry place the top sections into rollers - More umph YES PLEASE

So your hair is now ready to be styled to what ever your heart desires

To get the best sculpted look use

Sculpt  Gelspray

Sculpt Gelspray

Apply this to the hair when shaping and pinning into you voluminous and messy up do

Use grips to pin each hair in place to achieve a sculpted look.

So now your style is in it place and you want it to last all night ?


Uphold  Strong Hairspray

Uphold Strong Hairspray
This not only ensure that your hair will stay put ALL night but it add shine back to your style making it look gorgeous and glossy as well as perfectly styled and shaped!

So there you have it all the tools i think you will need to get the catwalk look back at home!

Love Aimee



  1. I appreciate looking at the pictures and the product information..I need all the help I can get!!
    I am your newer follower..pls follow back if you can.

    1. i feel the same sometimes, its nice to have some help and inspiration x

  2. After reading your blog you seriously have given me a lot of ideas for my hair so thank you =)


  3. I always wondered how they do that with their hair. I try updos and it just doesn't work the best for me. I am a new follower from the Get Connected Tuesday hop. I would love for you to hop over to Saving and Sharing It and follow back.


    1. yea these are the best products to get it stay and last all night i would recomend plus the brand is fantastic.

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