Wednesday 18 January 2012

CND Solar Oil Cuticle Conditioner

Winter is here and i can feel the damage to my nails more than anything, they are dry, brittle and breaking left right and center.

My cuticles look horrid and uncared for even though i do try my best to care for them, so i need to find a solution to my problems and i think i have.

CND Solar Oil

It is a nail and cuticle conditiner which is a blend of oils  and vitamine E.

I have used a lot of cuticle oiles and noticed the instant re-hydration of the nails but in the long term made no difference, so i felt like i had wasted my money.

CND Solar oil not only do i notce a difference right away but i can see it long term also my nails continue to look nourished and conditioned.

i apply it twice a day to generalise and i love that my nails no longer look wind swept and beaten, it makes my polish look neater and in general make my hands and nails more apealing to look at, whats the point of nicley painted nails if your cuticles look vile!

I fount it for £7.98 including postage, i am happy with that price and it looks like its the cheapest on the net. However if you find it cheaper please let me know!

You can buy it from Tailor Made Nails

I will most deffinatly be buying more of this!

Love Aimee



  1. Absolutely feeling your pain on the winter nail front. I can't wait for pay day so I can get some of this :) xx

    1. Hi,

      thanks hun, my nails are so much better after using this, its my saving grace.

      also thanks for your lik hun will check it out tonight xx

  2. I absolutely love this stuff, I even listed it as one of my fave products of last year! My nails and cuticles are in great condition since I started using it. x

    1. i love it to and i have a feeling it will be my 2012 nail product xx

  3. I love the sound of this solar oil! Does it contained almond oil? Just wondering because I have a nut allergy Xx

    1. hi claire,

      im not sure i would email the company to make sure xx

  4. Okay :) Thank you for the advice and the reply Xx

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