Tuesday 10 January 2012

Guy Kremer Review

Wow so today I'm on a roll! and i want to introduce to you a new product i have been given to try

Guy Kremer

I personally have never hear of this product before but i am always open to try new things.

The products i was sent were chosen by myself, i chose products i knew i would appreciate and get use from.

First off

Create The Shape - Smoothing Balm

My hair has a habit of being a tearaway generally because i have spent my entire life damaging it with many different colours. This Product States that it can create the ultimate sleek Finnish.

Use - Apply to towel dried hair, small amount and work into hair

Verdict - After drying my Hair my hair was noticeable flatter, the friziness was reduced by at least 80%, i think that that is a pretty good number, it for me meant i spent LESS time straightening my hair as it was already over halfway there. The product didn't leave my hair feeling greasy in fact it felt silky but not stuck to my head, and easily manageable and reduced styling time. All in all 5 stars!

I really like this product and for £8.95 its defiantly worth it, Its a 250ml tube and will last me an age meaning its value for money.

Enhance the Shine - Protection Serum

Use - This can be used on both wet and dry hair - to protect the hear from the environment and seal the ends as well as leaving the hair looking glossy.

Verdict - On using this product my hair did instantly look glossy, it stopped my hair looking blown away and gave it a more sleek finish. You only need a little bit! i learnt this quickly as the first time i used it i slapped it on ! Left me with a rather greasy mess. To Get a good looking lock of hair you literally need a pea sized amount for the whole head. Which is better for the pocket allowing the bottle to stretch further.

This again is £8.95 but for 50ml.

Enhance the shine - Perfume & Gloss Spray

Use - This gives you hair a gorgeous all over gloss, as well as having a slight fragrance.

Verdict - the shine from this product is great, don't over spray or you will look like a greasy dog! not a good look i assure you. Just a couple of sprays and your good to go. It gives an all over Finnish, the smell is OK i have smelt better but as far as fragrance is concerned I'm VERY fussy. I find it to be rather woody so if you like that fragrance then its perfect. I'm more of a vanilla floral person but it doesn't change the fact that minus the smell this product is great for doing an all over shine effect.

Again this is £8.95 for 50ml

I really like the collection my Favourite product is the smoothing balm and i would buy it again, my least favourite but i do still like it is the shine spray mainly because the smell isn't sweet enough for me.

Have you used the Guy Kremer Products? How did you get on with them?

Fancy trying them you can buy them from this site




  1. I thought I had tried every hair care brand on the that wrong not heard of this before :)
    They all sound great I am always on the look out for a good straightening balm

    1. Yea mee too, but i was the same never heard of it but glad i have now. really lovley products.

      and yes the dtraightening balm is AMAZING XX

  2. I've never tried them at all, haven't seen them in the shops. They do look good. It's so hard to get a good straightening balm isn't it and I constantly seem to be trying to find serums that work so this is really interesting. My hair is so parched though it's always a nightmare!

    Thanks for this review!


    1. Hi Dawniepants :OP

      I have a treatment im currently trying and will be writing about so thats for moisture for the hair sounds right up your ally! will be up next week once i have given it a good old teat tun xx xx

  3. Thats a shame Steph, maybe one day soon you will get it? maybe ask for it as a pressie ay. xxx