Sunday, 29 January 2012

Lumiere & FOTD

I was sent before Christmas some samples from Lumiere to try and review, i had never heard of this brand of make up.

I am over all really pleased with the colour choices they have sent me after i filled in a little form telling more about my colour tines hair colour etc.

I received 2 face bases Medium Beige and Medium Beige cashmere.

Both turned out to be a pretty good match and worked well together when blended.

They did look nice but personally prefer a liquid foundation as i feel that powders make me look older not a look i want to achieve.

These blushes are simply gorgeous and again work well when blended or used separately.

The colours are Foxy brown and Neutral pink

they look great on and i use them A LOT

These eye pigments blew me away both colour wise and how they look when applied just gorgeous

I was sent Ditto 01, Hypnotic, Espresso.

They are just stunning and i really like this brand, i would buy more from the collection and i would recommend them.

Now on to my FOTD

I love the application of the Lumiere products it clean and easy to apply and are really effective.

The eye pigments are $8 which is great value, im unsure of shipping costs though

Love Aimee



  1. Those colours look gorgeous on you! Amazing eyelashes as well.

    1. thanks hun the lashes are all my own xx

  2. Beautiful colours. I was sent Lumiere products last year and really do enjoy using them


  3. Love these products, I recently reviewed it too! I loved the pigments in mine!


    1. they choose such complementing colours xx