Wednesday 11 January 2012

Denman Be My Valentine

Ah so Valentines is Just around the corner, that day where us women wait patiently to see if your other half has Firstly remembered and secondly have they done anything for us.

I have had the pleasure of having valentines come early when i was sent this ever so gorgeous Denman brush, you should have seen my face when i opened the packet! Like a kid at Christmas i tell you! First and for most.....


Secondly this brush has gorgeous silver lips dotted all over the brush.

The Denman D3 Kiss Brushes available in saucy red, sexy black and romantic
pink complete with kiss lip prints

As i have already said i was a lucky girl and got the pink one! this brush is super soft on the hair, and is based on Denmans Half Round anti-static rubber pad - which reduces fly away locks! Can be used for general brushing and for blow drying as it smooths, shapes and polishes the hair.

I would be happy with this on valentines at least its something i can use and remember he actually thought about what he was buying me ... he can still get me the flowers and chocolate too thought! I should be so lucky!

Cant wait to see if your partner gets you this gorgeous brush then you can still get it for yourself!

The Denman D3 Kiss Brushes, £7.31 available from
As well as at Boots, Superdrug, Sainsbury's

Don't you just love this brush? who would love to get it this Feb 14th?


  1. Denman brushes...this brings back memories, my mum used to brush my hair with one of these. It didn't look anywhere near as funky though!

    Thanks for stopping by Fluff and Fripperies xo

  2. I always remember my sister having them, but your right they are way more funky now :D

    thanks for the link hun will chaeck it out xx

  3. hey! thanks for your comment and following my blog :)
    these are lovely! i love the pink one the best its cute! i'm tempted to get one even though i've just converted to a new tangle teezer- they are amazing if you haven't already tried one I recommend you do!
    love, Rosie x

    1. ahh not used one but may have to give it a go xx thanks hun