Monday 23 January 2012

OSiS Volumise Me

Flat hair is by far the bain of my life, especially now I'm growing my hair .. the long it gets the flatter it becomes.

Enter OSiS Volume Collection

I have been lucky enough to be dent these products to see if they can enter my prayers of hair with some gorgeous volume.

As as a girl not to do things by half i have used all these products on 3 separate occasions and then combined them for the ULTIMATE volume look!

OSiS Body Me Volume

So i started off with this bad boy, this is a volume serum which not only offers 100% more volume but also silky soft hair and protection against heated appliances.

You work a small amount of the product into damp hair and then blow dry it through...

The results

It is a lightly fragrance product, which is very pleasant and easy to work through the hair. i used the product from the roots to the tips and then blasted it off with my dryer. Once dry my hair had noticeable more volume to it, my hair looked conditioned and smooth. I couldn't honestly Gage if it was 100% more volume BUT there was certainly more than i would get from just blow drying. I used it again on another occasion and turned my head upside down whilst drying this again in use with the product gave me massive amount of volume.

It retails at £11.60 for 150ml - which for me is A LOT of product and would last me a good few months

Value for money .... its a big outlay but when you break it down it is worth every penny.

OSiS Upload Volume

This is almost a multi use product, it can be used on damp OR dry hair dependant or BOTH. It give your hair a conditioning aspect as well as giving instant volume and body. This is more of a cream style product rather than a gel. It is not stick and doesn't leave a residue on the hair.

The results

So i applied to my DRY hair a good sized amount and worked through the roots of my hair and then blasted off. The amount of volume from this product was a nice amount. t was noticable yet subtle and gave my hair an instant lift. Its great if your running out the door and just need a little more body.

This again retails at £11.60 and my views are very much the same as with the previous product its a big outlay initially BUT when you break it down you can get a good amount of uses from this one bottle.

OSiS Dust It

This has to be my favourite product out of the 3,  this is AMAZING and you can be so creative when using this. It is a powder that you apply to the hair. The basics are the more powder you use the more control over your hair you have.

The results

You can go creative mad, i however just used it to give my hair a gorgeous boost for a dinner party it gave it that tussled look whilst giving INSTANT results. This product would be great when creating Quifts and beehives as it makes your hair literally stand on end if you use enough = LOVE

This costs £11.05 but a little goes A LONG WAY.

I did i a moment of bravery use ALL 3 products together and WOW what a result unfortunately i don't have a picture of it but my hair had gorgeous body and volume i have always dreamed of but never been able to achieve before!

Have you tried OSiS products?

Love LOVE love


*disclaimer - I was given these to try. All my views are my own and written honestly*


  1. would love to see some photos some time, I suffer from thin hair too and your review of the products definitely makes me want to give them a go! x

    1. Just for you this weekend i will Get some piccys of it :D xx