Friday 13 January 2012

Illmasqua Review

So at the clothes show live i finally got to experience Illmasqua in all of its glory ! and boy isn't it gorgeous!

I went on the last day and managed to get these 3 items for such a bargain even i couldn't believe it
Illmasqua Review

3 for £10

Kind of wish i had brought more now!

So on to the review, i  am new to Illmasqua and i love it, at the show a very well made up man helped me choose these items and even applied them to my face to i could see just how much i would love them! Now that's customer service for you.

Pure Pigment in Furore

Illmasqua Review

Firstly its Just beautiful, its a gorgeous multi purpose pigment, you can do almost anything with it. Its champagne peach shimmer.

Cheek Highlighter
All over body shimmer
Eye Shadow

I'm sure there are more uses to it that iv not mentioned, i really love it as a cheek highlighter of a pink blush, it gives a lovely evening look and gets me LOTS of compliments.
I have shown you it patted onto the skin ad blended, i love it both ways and i cant wait to wear it on naked eyes with a bold lippi!

It retails at £15.50 - find it here

Powder Eye Shadow Toxic

Illmasqua Review

I love how versatile Illmasqua's products are, this particular one is an eye shadow but i love to use it as a cheek blush as its just so pretty.

This works so well with my skin tone as a blast that's what i go to use it as, I'm not daring enough to put it on my eyes YET.
Its a Matt Shadow and is described as a warm coral nude.

Available here  for £15.50

Sheer Lip gloss in Rouse

Illmasqua Review

What a pretty little gloss, its stunning and isn't sticky, lasts a while and looks great! what more could you ask for. Its a nude pink which is a fairly natural look which works for me well.

Its application is pretty good to and i like the sleek packaging nice and simple.

It retails at £13.00 Here

I defiantly like Illmasque products and will be checking out there sale to see if i can get some more bargains.



  1. amazing picks! i definitely want an illasmasqua product in my collection by the end of the year :)

  2. Oh this looks beautiful.Thanks for following my blog-I follow you now.
    xoxo Sabrina

  3. Fab post hun. I do really like those products. I got an eye pigment from them and know I'll be purchasing more in the near future xx

    1. i really want more of there products they are really great x

  4. 3 for a tenner?????

    Right let's hope they are doing this kind of deals at the IMATS this weekend

    1. i know awsome right i really want another of the shimmer drust but i am not going to IMATS gutted