Thursday 5 January 2012

Metique Skin Wash Review

So for my first review of 2012, i want to start the new year off with a clean and fresh start so this product is really quite fitting.

Metique Skin Wash & Hand & Body Antiseptic Lotion

I was given the opportunity to trial this product as i am always open to trying new products i may not have tried otherwise.

It comes beautifully packaged and their attention to detail is fantastic.

Metique uses tea tree oil in all of its products as it boasts a natural way to kill bacteria without disrupting the resident flora on the skin.

I do like tea tree oil i have a few products with it in and most of you will get it to help reduce the appearence of spots.

So the skin wash i received was 2% it is an all over body wash so the first place i decided to use it was my face.


  • It didn't dry my skin out at all, i would use it again on my face especially as a cleanser type product.
  • My husband used it for shaving and was very pleased.
  • Great as a hand wash by the sink - my hands tend to dry out with soap products this left my hands feeling more nourished

  • The smell of tea tree is quite potent and i could smell it for a good few hours after using.

Hand & Body Lotion

Moisturiser is important to me - this i found to not quite tick all of my boxes BUT my husband absolutely adores it and has taken the packets from me !

when applying the moisturiser i again found that the smell of tea tree was potent (it is a tea tree product so this would be expected)m it went on thinly without leaving my hands feeling greasy or uncomfortable. It could do with being just a little bit more nourishing for me personally. But s i said my husband loves it.

i would defiantly buy the skin wash again, its so versatile.

the hand and body lotion is £10.71 for 250ml
the skin wash is £9.18 for 250ml

the price points are standard for the wash, i would spend this on a good cleanser and know it would last me a fair amount of time making the cost per use quite slow.

As for the lotion i used to spend this on other brands without questioning it so again not a bad price for the product.

Have you tried any of Metiques collection?

How did you find it?

Aimee xx


  1. I adore the packaging, I've never tried any of the range. Thanks for the review, it's really nice to see reviews of products I've never tried :)


  2. Thank you for the lovely review on Metique if any of your readers would like to try some samples please feel free to get in contact with me Kind Regards Jennyx

  3. your welcome Metique.

    Dawniepants the packaging is great right! and the product doesnt dissapoint either!