Wednesday 25 January 2012

Valentines 101 Survival Kit

Ahhh so Valentines is just around the corner, this is a live hate holiday and I'm finally a lover of it.

It has taken a large number of years for me to like let alone love this day but now im married i am hopeful that my husband makes it special (he better do!).

So i have compiled a Women's survival kit for a hitch free Valentines..... All the things you need to make it run smoothly and and some omph ;O) to your night.

So from the beginning your other half has prepared a romantic night for you doing something spectacular and you obviously need to be the bell of the ball and lets not forget the little details....

So your all ready and about to go out the door but your hairs looking a little dull... Have a quick spritz with ......

Klorane Dry Shampoo

This is a great little beauty to have to hand, especially if your loved one has surprised a night out on you and you weren't prepared.
It is a really nice light and lightly fragrance formula that leaves your hair looking clean and better yet feeling clean.
Is available at John Lewis but a a pretty penny £8 a can... but are you worth a little splurge.... i know i am.

OK so your at dinner and staring deeply into each others eyes, you want to look your best and if your like me and a light sleeper you don't always look so FRESH after a somewhat rocky nights sleep. And I'm pretty sure you don't want your partner to look into your eyes and think ... damn she looks shattered.

Not a great image to be portraying on supposedly the most romantic day /night of the year.

Murine Bright & Moist Eye drops

Are perfect to keep in your bag, for a quick eye freshen up. They are easy and comfortable to use and do what they say on the bottle.  You will be a little blurry for approx 1 min after using them BUT god don't your eyes look gorgeous after.

Warning - contact lens wearers like myself, do not use whilst wearing your lenses. And do not put lenses back in your eye for 15 minutes after applying the drops.

they also do a version for contact lense wearers, which is great they can be applied whilst you have your lenses in YAY

You can find these drops in most pharmacy's and supermarkets and they cost £4.07 a bottle. Which will take you forever to use up.

Right so the next step is kind of a double whammy, gorgeous soft kissable lips and clean fresh breath = a winner all round.

My husband HATES kissing me when i am wearing either lipstick or a noticeable gloss so this is my perfect solution. And it comes in the cutest little tin.

Chap stick Soft Lips Kit - Collection 1

I am in love, you get a gorgeous little tin which contains 3 chap sticks. In collection1 you get Cherry (My Fave), Strawberry and Apply (YUMMMMMMY).

I can honestly say iv never really used chap stick before, i remember the original one and was never that keen, but i have been swayed by these little beauty's.
And what a bargain you can get all 3 for £3.99, and your other half will be thanking you when they dive in for that kiss, soft gorgeous lips = WIN.

So for my second part of my perfect mouth you have to have

Gold Spot Breath Fresh Spay

Saved by the spay, so you have been at dinner and you could not resist the garlic dish that's OK because your survival kit includes this Mint spray Gold Spot. It comes in this little pink spray bottle and is small enough to fit in your handbag. Not only that but its a nice mint, ( not a fan of mint) and even i can stand it, its light and just enough to freshen up without watering your eyes.  £1.99 available at most chemists.

Now you have Gorgeous fresh breath with kissable lips....

So the night coming to an end and your hoping to get lucky....

I will try not to make any of my readers cringe here so be aware that the following may contain content you may not want to read :OP

Fembido - Libido Booster for women

Ah so weather you are planning a night of passion for you new boyfriends, partner or long term husband sometimes us women can do with a boost (nothing wrong in admitting your a little bedroom lazy especially when you have been married for a while). Or you might just want to put some extra fire into your already explosive bedroom gymnastics who knows but this is a great little product to do just that.

Its a natural herbal booster it contains Damiana Leaf which clinical studies have shown it increases sexual sensitivity and encourages orgasms.

Not one to turn my nose up at a little extra curricular activity or extra pleasure i was more than willing to test drive this product.

Not to over share and scare you all senseless but to round the product up, i was extremely happy with the results *wink wink* whilst using this product and would be delighted to use it again.

Fembido is £24.95 and available from

So you have my Valentines night survival kit everything you need to get your evening hot and heavy without the fear of bad breath, chapped lips, greasy hair, dull eyes and a beaten up libido!

I hope you all loved my little kit, have i missed anything?
What's your must have product?

Love Aimee

*disclaimer - I was given these to try. All my views are my own and written honestly*


  1. Love this valentines survival kit, so cute! Great ideas as well :) x

    1. thanks hun glad you like it, most years im totally un prepaired this year will be different x

  2. Great ideas. I love the Klorane dry shampoo, so far it's the best I have tried :)

  3. Great idea. The chapsticks are so cute!
    Jess x

  4. Ha love it! I always have a cocktail stick/toothpick at the bottom of my bag for that awkward moment when you get parsley between your teeth.