Friday 27 January 2012

John Frieda French Pleat Tried and Tested

So this is part of my new hair series that i am calling Tried and tested, i was asked if i could look at John Frieda's brand new You Tube channel and pick a hair style from their How To Videos and give it a go at home, to show just how straight forward they are to do.

I'm not particularly good at Up Do's i have always found them a challenge and rarely do them my self for fear of looking like an idiot and wasting a fair amount of my time, so i was quite intrigued to give this a go.

As i said it is a new You Tube Channel by John Frieda Which basically gives you a fast growing selection of hair styles with a step by step guide for you to do it at home and by your self, almost idiot proof .....

So i put they video to the test, i chose to try the French Pleat, something i have never attempted EVER

Wish me Luck....

I have included the video i used to create the look as well as a link to the channel for you to check out the other styles too.

I was provided with the products i needed to re-create this style.

Velcro Rollers
Brown Hair Grips
John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Mousse
John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Blow dry Lotion
John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Hairspray

I started off with dry hair as directed

I then took the Thickening Mousse and squirted some in my hand and took the brush and brushed it all through my hair

I then Took the Thickening blow dry lotion  and sprayed it 6inches from my hair to the roots in sections.

I took my trusty hair dryer and turned my head upside down to blow dry


Right so now i take my Velcro rollers and put into sections of my hair
this i found a little tricky, i am a novice with rollers so this took me a little longer than it should have

So at this point i pottered around the house and probable gave it half an hour to "set"

i then removed the rollers and BAM even bigger hair

As directed i took my comb and proceeded to back comb with good tension

This picture is a little horrifying as you can see from my face, it was at this point i wondered if i was going to look like a baboon by the end of the video.

Adding some brilliant brunette to to my hair to give it some EXTRA hold (although it is standing up by its own at this point).

So now onto the pleat... i brushed the top of my hair lightly just to smooth out the "creation" on my head and took my hair to create the pleat, 4 attempts later i finally had it


In the video he only used 3 little grips i how ever used more like 10.. what can i say i didn't want to move and it fall out and this was the first time i had EVER done anything like this.

I am REALLY happy with the result and the best bit i did it! On my own with just the help of this little video.

If i can do it anyone can, and i will most certainly be using the John Frieda You Tube Channel whenever i go out!

They have lots of styles to choose from and it is ever growing

So don't forget to check it out

Have you tried to do this look ? how did you get on?

Love Aimee



  1. Your hair looks great, I'm always looking for new styles for my hair so i'll definitely check this channel out! Awesome post, following xx

    1. Aww thanks hun, i actually supprised myself at how simple it was to do, and i would most deffinatly do it again.

  2. This turned out gorgeous! I am a huge fan of velcro rollers, they are great for adding body. Love your blog by the way, lots of super posts

    1. this was my first time using them and i would defffinatly use them again :D x

  3. Wow, this look looks great on you! I am currently using the John Frieda Thickening Lotion and I love it! I think I will also have to try the mousse now! I absolutely cant get enough of big, voluminous hair so I will definitely be trying this look! Great post :)


  4. Wow, great job! You've mastered the look! I really like John Frieda products. I've been using the Full Repair line and it's been working great!

    1. might have to try those im forever dyinh my hair could use some repair