Sunday 15 January 2012

Dancing On Ice Schwarzkopf Bouncy Curls

First off dancing on ice LOVE it ! what a great show, i wish i could look that great on ice, I'm generally clinging to the side of the rink looking less than graceful and my bottom lands on the floor more than once.

I have been given these products to try and asked to re-create a hairstyle worn by the Gorgeous Chemmy Alcott, Bouncy Curls.

This is a great hair style to rock for a night out, dinner with the girls or even better this valentines day! This style is not only gorgeous but really easy to do.

I'm going to give you a step by step guide on how to get your locks big, bouncy and perfectly curled!

Wash your hair using your normal shampoo, towel dry and add a small amount of Schwarzkopf BC Oil Miracle. Blow dry into a smooth style.

You really only need a small amount of this product to be worked into the damp hair, brush it through before drying.

This is me after i have applied the Schwarzkopf BC Oil and brushed it through.

I love the way my hair felt when it was dry, the oil contains Argan oil and it left my hair feeling manageable and soft.

So now your hair is dry, put on your heated rollers to warm up.

When they are hot enough to be effective use the rollers on the top section of the hair and spray with Schwarzkopf OSiS Elastic Spray.

For the sides and back of the hair use mid size tongs ( i used my hair straighteners as my tongs were too thin for this). Pin each curl in place and allow to cool.

Spritz all over your gorgeous hair again with Schwarzkopf OSiS elastic spray, to ensure a good hold.

I left my hair like this for a good half and hour, I wanted give it a good shot at getting gorgeous curls.

To pin the back sections of your hair i would get some assistance, i was lucky that my friend Jenny happened to pop over just as i was getting to this point ... it must have been fate !

She also helped me photograph the back of my head as that wasn't easy either.

Unfortunately when i removed the pins and rollers i actually forgot to take a picture... my hair was WILD.

So at this point spray it again with Schwarzkopf OSiS Elastic to the roots and shake it out, back comb in places to give it a little extra volume.

By this point my hair looked out of control, so i spent a good 5-10 minutes teasing the curls and style to look more polished and less tear away.

 So to finish it off and to make it look gorgeously glossy i used Schwarzkopf OSiS Magic on the ends.
So here is my version of Dancing on Ice's Chemmy Alcott Bouncy Curls

My hair obviously isn't blond or that long but i still think it looks fantastic and wasn't that hard to do either.

I have also added a picture of my hair 3 hours after doing it, by this point the curls had dropped but it still look great.

These products are really good, the elastic spray is a light control and doesn't leave your hair feeling sticky or over loaded.

The Magic cream is a great product to give your style a glossy look and seals the ends so they look perfectly polished.

I will be re-creating this style again! Will you be giving it a try?

Want to get the products i used for this style then check out

Love Aimee



  1. I love Dancing on Ice. Your hair looks lovely x

    1. aww thanks hun was really easy to re-create :) will be doing it again x

  2. Love that style; it's lovely!

    1. thanks hun, was a bit out of control to start with but after 15 minutes it was good haha xx

  3. New follower from the beauty blog hop :) Great look! Love your hair color. Hope you follow back!

  4. Lovely tutorial hun. Your hair looks lovely xox

  5. Wow your hair looks amazing!! Wish I could do my hair like that xxx

  6. Love dancing on ice I see it as my come down from strictly come dancing! Great hair look!


  7. I love big curls, this looks fab. Very romantic, perfect for Valentines!

  8. Lovely hair, I had a go at this too,

  9. Wow, this looks amazing! Wasn't expecting to see this much of a difference as I scrolled through <3 xx