Wednesday 14 March 2012

Wanted Funky Diva #1

I have reciently discovered this little gold mine of a shop and i just had to share my shopping wish list with you all.

The shop is called Funky Diva and have some wonderful bargains and deals.

1. Tail Back Hem Skirt £14.99 - i have a similer skirt in blue and i love it so this is high on my list.

2. Chiffon tie up Skirt Body £17.99 - So so gorgeous great with shorts

3. Tail Heart Cut out stripe maxi dress £16.99 - this i am buying this week i love it i just hope it suits me.

4. American Flag Jumper £18.99- ordered this and i love it cantw ait for it to arrive!

5. Stone Jersey Maxi £17.99 - perfect for the summer a nice neutral shade.

6. Cut out Body £12.99  - not sure if this will suit me but i still like it.

7. Cable Knitt Jumper £19.99 - love it want it one day!

8. Pink Body Con £14.99 - my fav style of dress i like mycurves so this is totally me.

What do you think of my little selection?

Love Aimee



  1. i love it! that stripey dress is so awesome iand so is the american flag jumper.
    they are amazing deal!

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