Sunday 25 March 2012

Vita-e cream review

Vita e is a natural vitamin e cream which actually has a large number of uses.

VITA-E Cream is suitable for all problem skin areas including sun burn, wind burn, psoriasis and for reducing redness and treating scar tissue. It’s also an excellent all round cosmetic beauty moisturiser, hydrating lines and wrinkles.

I used it on my chin and chest. Why? Because I have scaring from blemishes that gets me down.

It has helped with the scars on my chest they are reducing and i will be using it for the long tern to see just how good it can help with it.

The cream is whit and has a fairly thick consistency, melts into the skin and leaves it feeling nourished. Its not oily which is a bonus i do have it when you apply a cream and it leaves a greasy residue.

If i am honest even though i wanted to target scars i actually used it for everything, i used it as a hand cream, face cream, on my elbows when whey felt a little dry, i used it on my dermatitis and it is pretty much an all rounder.

The only thing i am a little stuck on it the smell, its not strong nor is it bad but i am indifferent to it. Although saying this for what the cream actually does the smell is a small price to pay for something of its versatility.

It does say it is fragrance free but it does have something as i have said.

the cream is £7.49 and on my next shopping list when i pop to boots.

have you used this cream ?

Love Aimee


  1. Nope but it sounds good. :)

  2. No i've never even heard of it, looks good though!

    1. i believe its fairly new but definatly something to consider buying x