Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Lush Sweet Lips

So after getting introduced to lush a month or so ago i have gone and brought a few bits to get my teeth into literally, I am known for having a sweet tooth so this is perfect for me.

This Sweet Lips its a 25g jar filled with Sweet goodness
It comes in a few flavours this is Vanilla and chocolate Sugar lip scrub.

This not replaces my toothbrush, in the removal of dry lips.

you only need a small amount rub it all over the lips and lick the rest away and it leaves your lips feeling smooth and sweet.
its a normal sized lip balm jar however i have used it about 15 times and i have barley made a dent.

£4.95 talk about value for money

you can get it in store at lush or online www.lush.co.uk

Love Aimee


**Disclamer i brought this jar full of sugary goodnes with my very own hard earned pennys. ** 


  1. I love this too :D it does taste lovely x

    1. its going to take me forever to get through it all xx

  2. I bet this tastes lovely, I have the Bubblegum one but I'm much more of a chocolate/ vanilla girl!

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

    1. see i looked at the bubble gum one but just wasnt me lol xxx

  3. I'll probably get this one after I finish my Pow Wow lip scrub...which is basically like rubbing pop rocks on your lips haha....tastes so yummy!

    1. that does sound yummy! may have to give it a go xx