Monday 26 March 2012

My Cocktail Review

I am a massive cocktail lover, i must admit i do tend to avoid buying them when in clubs as they are watered down and i end up spending a fortune on well flavoured water!

Also I'm currently a big lover of girls nights in, gatherings and soon with the weather improving BBQ's.

Cocktails will always be my go to drink at a little gathering and i always hate doing the mixing as i am defiantly no good at it!

My dreams have actually been answered!

My cocktail comes in currently 2 flavours - Cosmopolitan and Mojito

Each pouch is 1.5 litres tat equals 14 gorgeous glasses of alcoholic splendour

1 pouch = my night sorted!

its 10%  Vol 20% Proof and is ready to serve.

So how do they taste?

Always better chilled, and with ice for the Mojito. Cosmopolitan was most defiantly my fave, it always has been and its my go to cocktail choice.

Does it taste like a good bar cocktail now that's the question?

yes it does it tastes so yummy, its not sickly, its not to strong  and is the right measures of each ingredient that it is a perfect balance! It was a challenge to share this one I'm telling you.

"The Cosmopolitan is a sophisticated combination of premium French vodka, cranberry juice with orange liqueur and an infusion of lime."

The Mojito, not on my top list of cocktails so i did have a little sampling but left it to my friends to do the drinking and taste checking.
We do not recommend that it is drunk warm - big mistake and far better when chilled.
This is a really versatile one you could add a syrup like raspberry to change the flavour and really bring it to life.

This got a thumbs up when chilled! and an even bigger one when spiced up with a raspberry syrup. This however will depend on your taste.

"The Mojito is a crisp blend of Caribbean White Rum, Mexican lime juice and natural mint extract, and is perfect served straight-up chilled or authentically over crushed ice."

And if you don't happen to drink it all in one sitting you can keep it chilled and it remains drinkable for up to 3 months AMAZING - however i don't see this happening in my house.

MyCocktail Cosmopolitan and Mojito pouches are available in 1.5 litres from Asda 10% abv RRP £13.99.

I am buying these bad boy for my up and coming summer celebrations!

would you get some in? have you tried it?

dont forget to leave a comment

Love Aimee xx


  1. They sounds like a fab idea and for £13.99!! What a bargain!!



  2. Ooh! I'm definitely gonna try the cosmo one! Thanks for the review x

  3. Where can I get these? LOL..

  4. We brought something similar yesterday, apart from you throw it into the freezer, thaw it a little and then drink it. Was so cheap [$2]. I love cocktails but they can get really expensive so its fun to find cheaper ways to buy/make them.