Saturday 10 March 2012

Get The Look Jorgie Porter’s Gothic Crimping Dancing On Ice

I am a big fan on hair how too's so today i am re-creating Jorgie Porters Gothic hair crimp from the rock episode of Dancing on ice.

Unfortunately i don't own any crimpers (sad face) and i wish i did this look is rock chick awesome!

So i did my very own take on the style with more of a wave

I took my hair and used OSiS Body me in my hair to get some needed volume.

I then back combed my hair in areas and applied OSiS Dust it to lift from the roots

Now my root have some volume i waved my entire head and then continued to add dust it and back comb until i got the desired amount of volume.

And here it is my version of the rock chick crimp.

OSiS Body Me £9.25
OSiS Dust It - £9.25

A little goes a long way with the body me, you dont want to apply to much to the very top of the head as it can make hair appear greasy - not a good look.

Dust it can leave hair feeling strange this just means it working, it puts a layer onto the hair to allow it to grip when you plump and back comb.

Want to create this look yourself then you can grab these product from here

What do you think of the look?

Love Aimee


1 comment :

  1. I love my crimpers!!! Although I am loving the wave look I am just not good enough at styling to make it happen.