Wednesday 28 March 2012

Dormen's Nuts

Going Nuts About Nuts

I was given the opportunity to try the Dormans range of products and I'm excited to tell you all about them.

Baked nuts and fruit

well it really says it all on the packet - simple and moreish. I quite simply demolished the bag in one sitting and although they are undoutably very yummy they calorie content is not. The bag is also pretty big.

Cashew & Almonds

This bag is a little more bite sized, but equally as good to eat, its a nice an natural pack of nuts and it does contain 2 of my favourite nuts!

Smoked Almonds

These are not my go to ones i must admit however my husband LOVED them!

Chocolate Peanut

One word YUMMY, these are the best thing ever full of calories and naughtyness but worth every single calorie!

Baked Nut Mix

This is so good to be honest i like all of the mixes this is lighly flavoured and is quickly eaten.

Salted Peanut

A classic you cant go wrong with this and it doesn't disappoint, another totally Moorish packet of nuts!

Bombay Mix

Alway been a fan of this its a little on the spicy side and has a good kick to it.

Japanese Rice Crackers

I have never had these before and they are so so good!

Chilli & Lime Cashew

these have a massive kick to them, i love cashew nuts and this makes them even better


An age old fave of mine and this packet is so Moorish there was defiantly a fight between me and my husband over this packet.

Dry Roasted Peanut

Another good classic you cant really go wrong with this one.

Spicy Peanut

This a peanut with a twist, it has a crunchy spicy shell that bring a new edge to your normal nut.

Caramelised Peanut

This is sooo good! one of the best for a naughty treat

All in all these nuts were so good and completely devoured within a very short amount of time, i will say be aware when scoffing your way through these yummy treats that the calorie content is rather high.

you can buy then in store at Asda, and tesco and other large retail stores.

I will be buying more especially the caramelised and chocolate covered ones.

Have you eaten these? whats your thoughts?

Love Aimee



  1. I freaking love nuts! You always get to try the most amazing products, you must tell me your secrets!!

  2. Ooh these are good nuts, I find that Waitrose has a larger selection that other stores, my favs are the caramelised. I didn't know they did rice crackers, I love them :)

  3. Love the retro looking packaging - very eye catching. Shame I'm not a huge nut fan.