Friday, 23 March 2012

Wanted EOS Lip balms

I keep hearing about these lip balms and i am desperate to get my hands on them, when payday comes around i will most defiantly be buying one!

I have around 20 + lip balms but i believe a girl can never have to many (i don't think my husband agrees) and these are defiantly on my list.

You can read a review on them here at Obsessive Compulsive Beauty

They are £5.95 and available at Cutecosmetics

Flavours available include

Lemon Drop
Medicated Tangerine
Honeysuckle Honeydew
Strawberry Sorbet
Summer Fruit

I really want lemon drop and strawberry Sorbet YUMMY

Have you tried these? reviewed them leave a link below x

Love Aimee


  1. If you check out my review here,

    They are cheaper =) they are smazing, you have to get some. x

  2. I'd love one of these, but the medicated tangerine one doesn't sound very appealing lol x

  3. ive wanted to try these for ages but have way too many lipbalms already that need using up lol

  4. i got some of these when i did a beauty swap!they are amazing!!xx

  5. Ive definitely just bought one :)

    great blog


  6. Thanks for the link hun! The Strawberry & Passion Fruit duo are great :) and we are FREE delivery on all orders so in total will work out cheaper than other sites :)

  7. I own 3 (lemon drop, summer fruit & honeysuckle honeydew) but they don't work very well for me. I prefer nivea lip balms.