Sunday 18 March 2012

Korres Almond Oil & Calendula Hand Cream

So not really written about hand creams before, it is something that i use on an hourly basis, i have very dry skin on my hands and water can sometimes aggravate it, if i wash my hands and fail to moisturise (never happens) my skin drys out quickly and begins cracking within an hour and it becomes painful.

I rely on hand creams, i do use Aveeno its my go to cream, however i am always looking for great alternatives.

Korres is a brand i know and love, it has fantastic products so i was very happy to give there Almond oil and calendula hand cream a try.

Its a lightly fragrance cream, sinks into the skin and leaves it feeling nourished and cared for.
You don't need a huge amount to leave your hands feeling nourished and its a good sized tube for your hand bag.

Its £9.00 and available from ASOS for £75ml

Its a great product but for a hand cream i would like to see it around the £7.50 mark HOWEVER you are paying for quality so i could let it off for the slightly higher price tag. I will be buying it to replace this one when its all used up.

Love Aimee


** Disclamer ** This was a PR sample given to me to try, all views and opinions are my own i would have brought it any way :)


  1. I love Almond oil, so I will have to give this hand cream a go! Great Post :)

    Brittany xo

  2. This looks like a great hand cream!

  3. Sounds great :) Xx

  4. so pretty! I love how good this sounds!