Tuesday 6 March 2012

Badger Sleep Balm

I am undoubtedly a rubbish sleeper, i go through stages where i just cant sleep and this balm has been a life saver.

It is an organic lavender and bergamot balm which you apply to you pulse points and temple before bed, it promoted natural sleep.

I hate having to take tablets to help me drift off and this has been a great alternative obviously its not as powerful as knocking back some prescription or over the counter medicines but i highly recommend it for a more natural way to deal with dropping off!

the time will last you an age you don't need to smear it on you only need a touch just to allow it to soak in and take effect.

Its £6.99 a tin

I love it, it works, its affordable and better still its healthy and organic.

Would i get it again? In a heart beat for once i am having rest full nights and asleep before midnight which is a huge achievement.

Love Aimee



  1. This is interesting, I have a hatred of popping pills so this would really appeal to me. I guess it works in the same way as that tiger balm stuff for headaches.

    1. its really nice and gentil, i would recommend it x

  2. Badger Balms are always good - Gwdihw Night Owl sleep balm may be a good alternative too x

  3. This stuff is pretty damn amazing! I swear by it and [ comfort zone ]'s tranquillity oil! x

    1. not tried that may have to give it a whirl xx

  4. I have this and I love it! Also putting a few drops of lavender oil in about a teacup of milk then pouring it into a bath before bed is fantastic, if you have the time. x

  5. Thanks for reviewing our Sleep Balm - we're so glad you like it!! :)

    xoxo, Badger Balm