Thursday 22 March 2012

Proactive Anti Blemish System Review

I suffer with Acne, i have had it on and off for years. It is the bain of my life and in my late 20's i was hoping i would finally grow out of the spotty phase of my life, sadly this isn't so. So when i was offered the chance to try a new skin care system designed to help combat spots i was so excited.

This is a 3 step system and available in Boots now.

It is used twice a day claims that it effectively clears acne prone skin, blemishes, soothes redness and proactively prevents future breakouts.

Used by the rich and famous

And says it will work wonders in weeks

What you get - a 3 step system

Step 1 - Renewing cleanser
oil free, contains small exfoliating grains and is washed away with water

Step 2 - Revitalising Toner
Used after the cleanser this balances the skin and removes the excess oil.

Step 3 - Repairing Lotion

This replaces your moisturiser and effectivly dries out the blemishes.

For the 3 step system it is £39.99 and is enough to last you 60 days which is 66p a day

I have used this every day for over a month now and was expecting a mirical, i must admit i was hoping to see results quicker than i did. This isnt to say the product is not a good one how ever before i noticed any signifficant decrease and improvement in my blemishes i had been using the system for around 18 days.

My spots are tiny but in high quantities and very painful and can weap when they are bad.

After one week of use my spots were less angry looking, my skin was less oily and now after around 40 days of use i have only 1 blemish which is a complete turn around for my skin.

I now take along side using the 3 step process clear skin herbal tablets so this may also have aided with my skin continuing to improve.

Needless to say i am very happy with my current spot free skin.

The packing is simple and classic, the toner leaves the skin feeling clean and oil free (sometimes a little dry), the toner is really lovley and refreshing and the lotion really does feel soothing on the skin.

I would once i have finnished this lot buy it again it is deffinatly worth 66p a day.

you can buy it in boots stores nation wide and online

Have you tried this? do you suffer with blemishes?

Love Aimee



  1. I received the cleanser sample in glossybox last month and have been using it, really want to try the whole range, its great they have it in boots now! I may just have to get it when I'm back home, too bad Boots don't ship worldwide!

  2. I have heard so much about it but never have tried it myself.

  3. I've been wanting to try this too, though dont really have the money. Have you seen this video by goss makeup artist?
    This seems really helpful at getting rid of acne, haven't tried it myself though. But you might find it useful.

    Great post xx

  4. do they sell it in the stores? or do you have to buy online?

  5. Wow that's rather expensive in the UK. Over here Proactive is one of those annoying TV only products with those really annoying adverts that run for like five minutes - or they seem too. I've always wondered if it was as good as it claimed to be.