Thursday 29 March 2012

GHD Style Smooth & Finish Serum Review

This is my first ever use of any GHD product other than my hair straighteners, my friends used them but i have never though past my straighteners with the GHD brand.

I love my straighteners i live and die by them, i use them more often than i should and to be honest my hair becomes a little fluffy and hard to handle.

I was asked if i would chose a product from the GHD range and give it a go, so i settled on Smooth & Finish Serum to tame my wild barnet. I have recently highlighted my hair the condition is less than perfect and think my hair is not far off a good 50% of women out there, over styled over coloured and under loved.

So i have literally put it to the test!

On first impressions i like the box its a great classic design very suited to the brand and i feel it represent them well. You get 30ml of product in a very sleek black pump action bottle, it looks pretty hot in amongst my hair products i must say! Its fairly light weight and black (this concerns me as you don't know how much product you have left until its all gone and knowing my luck i will run out just before an important business meeting!)

I pumped out 2 good squirts of product and massaged in between my hands applied to my hair keeping away from my roots.Decided i wanted a third squirt to be on the safe side and my hair actually settled down it left it looking shiny NOT greasy and left it smooth for the whole day. The next day all i had to do was run my straighteners over just to re vamp and re fresh my hair and i was good to go.

This is a really great product, but it is £14.95 for 30ml now it depends how much you need to make your hair look good on if its value for money.

I like the way it feels its not greasy but would i buy it again? only if i had a really healthy wage packet that month.

you can check out the entire GHD hair product collection HERE

They are really worth a look at and if you have the money to try it then go for it you wont be disappointed!

Have you used any of the GHD hair products? How did you get on with them?

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Love Aimee

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*Disclosure -  I was asked to review this product, all views are my own and my opinion is completely honest**

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  1. I have never used any ghd products,just because I don´t like to spend so much money on something that I don´t know.