Monday 12 December 2011

Repair my Hair

So today i bring you a review about a hair care product.

My hair is important to me although you wouldn't think it with the amount of colour i put onto it.

Anyone who knows me knows i get bored easily and like to change my hair colour ... A LOT!

In the past 3 years i have taken my hair from Brunette (my natural colour) to fire red, to bleach blond, caramel blond and finally back to chocolate brown (see how long this lasts I'm already getting itchy feet!).

So as you can imagine my hair is suffering due to my boredom and it is most defiantly i need of some TLC, i was sent the Indola repair shampoo and conditioner to trial and so here i am telling you how i got on with it.

First off i suffer with a sensitive scalp, i have trouble with a few high street brands which irritate my scalp and leave be with itching, soreness and eczema.

So when trying a new shampoo its anyone guess how my skin and hair will react.

So what the bottle says

The shampoo revives the natural beauty of damaged hair as i cleans. This shampoo is formulated with hydrolysed keratin and works in 3 dimensions to actively repair the cuticle, fibre and matrix of each strand for shiny, strong, healthier looking hair.

My verdict

The shampoo is a present white formula and is very thick (i almost mistook it for conditioner and thought i got the 2 bottles mixed up), i have no words to describe the smell it is neither amazing or horrid. It goes into the hair nicely but i did need a fair amount (i may just be greedy) it lathered up well and did leave my hair feeling fairly smooth even before the  conditioner had been applied.

Retails  at £7.40 (good price for a professional standard shampoo)

It is a good sized 300ml bottle and would last me at least a month.

The conditioner

You leave on towel dried hair for 2 minutes to let it do its thing, it helps De-tangle and promote strong hair.

My verdict

It doesn't really smell of anything i found that a little disappointing but its just a smell which doesn't actually reflect on the quality of the product, so i got over that quickly.
The consistency wasn't as thick as the shampoo which again confused me (isn't hard) but again this did not reflect on the product quality. i left it on my hair maybe for a little longer than 2 minutes and rinsed. My hair did feel smoother and did not feel knotty at all.

this retails at £7.70 for 250ml which would again last me about a month or so.

To conclude

On drying my hair i noticed that the general frizziness from constant styling and colouring had significantly diminished, allowing drying and styling to be more enjoyable than a chore (as it normally is). The condition of the hair felt much better than it has done in the last month or even year if I'm completely honest.

I haven't experienced any discomfort as far as my scalp is concerned also.

Even though this was given me to try i would go and buy it again, it is a great product for anyone like me who like to dye their hair often, mistreat it with straighteners and curling tongs etc.

have you tried this before? let me know how you got on with it.

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  1. Oooh this looks really good, I need quite good products on my hair too because I dye it blonde so it can get a bit dry. The conditioner sounds really good if it leaves no knots! Such a helpful post! :)


  2. I dye my hair a lot also :) New follower from blogaholic, have a great evening! You can find me at
    Stop by when you get the chance :)

  3. thanks for all your comments, this was a great shampoo and conditioner and i will be buying it again. :O)