Saturday 31 December 2011

Goodbye 2011

So this is my very last post of 2011, its been a fun but interesting year and in the next week i will reflect on what has happened but look forward to what is to come

I hope every one has a wonderful evening celebrating, i will be at home in my slippers with a bottle of bubbly toasting in the new year.

I would also like o thank you for your support and for reading my blog i appreciate every single comment left for me to read.

So without further Ade Goodbye 2011

Hello 2012


  1. Happy New Year to you too Aimee!!! I'll be home too ;0). I actually like it that way. All the best for 2012.

  2. Yay good for you I will also be at home in my slippers with movies and wine. I do love it!

  3. Happy New Year!! I have my slippers at the ready too :-)

    Em x

  4. Happy new year to you too! I'll be staying in as well, trying to convince someone to play a board game with me. haha x

  5. thanks for your comments guys :D im slightly in toxicated and watching awful TV and a board game sounds pretty awsome right now! im totally up for singstar ! haha xxx