Friday 23 December 2011


So today's NOTD is more christmassy for me as it has a smidgen of gold in it, in my Jolie Box i received a OPI shatter polish in golf, now can i just say i never managed to jump on the shatter polish band waggon, i tried but it really just wasn't for me. So when i got it in my box i was a little bit disappointed UNTIL the gorgeous Fee from Make Up Savvy mentioned on twitter it could be warn as an actual polish with NO shatter! YAY

So i couldn't wait to try it, and it worked perfectly. Also I'm not normally a fan of gold but i actually love the shatter as a polish and its GOLD ! Bamm i surprising myself here.

Simple manicure i kept my accent finger from my last NOTD mainly as its glitter the effort to remove it was far to much and i had a short space of time to do my nails for the party plus i think they look pretty nice together.

Sorry about the light, I'm sure you can understand its winder and a bit dull so i did try my best.

Right so i used NO Base coat i was honestly t scared it would make the gold shatter which was not the effect i wanted.

I used the OPI Gold shatter from Decembers Jolie Box
and on my accent finger Orly Bubbly Bombshell

I really like the look and although i never though i would say this i would wear the gold again.


  1. This is such a great look!! I had know idea the shatter could be worn as a regular polish. I'm not into it either.

  2. love this polish worn it again since :D xxx