Sunday 11 December 2011

Addicted to Denman

So here it is, i believe i am getting a little addiction for Denman brushes!

I said it out loud and cant wait to get more for my collection, i never realised how having a good quality brush actually mattered to the quality of your hair, BUT IT DOES!

Denman has been around for as long as i can remember and this shows in their quality and their product range, the best bit is their brushes don't break the bank!

My newest Denman brush is the Large paddle brush which retails at £9.91 and could last a good number of years if looked after which gives you value for money, which is an important factor when i buy anything for myself! WILL IT STAND THE TEST OF TIME? and with this brush i feel it will.

When using the brush it doesn't catch or snag my hair, its not harsh on the scalp and glides through my hair with ease.

The Handle has a nice shape great for easy gripping and the brush is good to be used on both wet and dry hair.

It come is a classic black so wont date over time, it is air cushioned so if you happen to be brushing you hair in a "rush" it wont be heavy on the scalp (unless your a little clumsy like me and hit your head with the other side OOPS)

I have mid length hair which has been over processed in the pass and i would recommend this brush to anyone, my sister has the same bush too!

has anyone used this brush? how did you find it?

dont have one? want one? check it out here

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