Wednesday 14 December 2011

Next Christmas Court Shoes

So i have been searching HI & LOW for the perfect shoes to wear this festive season and i have literally stumbled upon 3 ones I'm completely in love with! Let me just say my shoe closet is literally bursting and the seams because i have a little shoe obsession especially with Next shoes.

I find them to be super comfy to wear ALL NIGHT LONG!

so i have literally narrowed my choice down to these 3 beauties and i need help or i may end up with them all !

I am absolutely LOVING the detail on the black ones the heal is ruched and looks stunning! and they are around £46 which is a little more than i wanted to spend but i know they will be worth it!

The peep toe in pink is only £28 which is very very appealing to me and my slightly tight bank balance.

the rose gold come in at £32 which again is a pretty great price point!

So thought please you gorgeous people which little beauty gets added to my ever growing collection?

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