Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Herbalife Festive Shake

Right so a few weeks ago i was given the opportunity to try a diet shake, anyone who knows me knows i am always calorie counting, watching what i eat and generally giving myself a hard time. It is Christmas after all and a girl including me deserves a break .. well i do .. don't i?

Now i have tried my fair share of diets, the latest ones to hit the market etc but i have never heard of this brand so it intrigued me even more.

I'm a sucker for mince pies, Christmas cake and anything fattening and festive,
so as you can imagine I'm pretty much locked into a head to head battle with my common sense (loosing weight) and my desire to eat anything and everything in sight (putting on weight).

The Herbalife Shake comes in a few flavours but i got to try the Festive flavour YUM - Toffee apple and cinnamon -

I started the challenge on Sunday December 11th i have been having 2 shakes a day (breakfast & lunch) and following it up with a sneaky biscuit and a healthy dinner.

I Started off at 12stone 5lbs and on weighing myself today i am now 11stone 12.5lbs

For a grand total weight loss of 6.5lbs nearly half a stone! 

I can fit back into a pair of jeans my butt has alludes for the past 6 months and this makes me a happy girl.

The shake was super easy i used a blender to make mine you use 250ml of semi skimmed (i used skimmed) milk and add 2 table spoons of the mix and blend.

The best way for me to describe the flavour is mince pie YUM i really love it, and would buy it again.

Right to the nitty gritty the container which is 550g makes approx 21 meals, the first 4 days were hard i had to sub my lunch and have a low calorie soup with the shake as i was pretty hungry.

Its not Cheap either its £27.60 a container, but if you break it down its pretty good value for money and works out £1.31 a meal.

After working the break down out im even more tempted to buy another container as i probable spend more on food!

I have only been using it for a short amount of time but have lost nearly half a stone and I'm not through the container yet, i am contemplating buying another one. My concern would lie in what happens when you go back to food for breakfast and lunch? as I'm not there yet i couldn't tell you, i may follow this up with an after post.

For the short term its great I'm getting into a pretty dress tonight for capital Fm's Christmas party and i couldn't be happier, for the long term the jury is still out and will be until i can afford another container.

For supplier details please call 0845 056 0606 and for further information on Herbalife Formula 1 Weight Management products please visit Find your nearest weight loss challenge at

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  1. Wow, well done! Sounds great :) xxxxxxxxxx

  2. really good shake i have ordered another bottle hehe !

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  4. Fantastic result, I love the yummy Xmas shake too. Of course you can buy another formula 1 shake - try different flavours as you said £1.31 a meal is cheap a cheap meal !

  5. i went and brought another shake same flavour, back on it and again im still pleased with the results great product :D

  6. This is a really encouraging post as for the first part of my diet I just want to fit back into a pair of skinny jeans and now know this is doable in even 2 weeks and then I know I will feel so much better!

    Thanks for the review :) not sure if I'm even going to try shakes again but you have definitely encourage me with your own weight loss. :)

    Fee x

  7. thanks hun, there will be a follow on post from this one coming soon x

  8. I’ve lost 5 kilos in my first week. I followed the diet with some protein as suggested. It is really like magic! It works. I’m not perfectly following the listed diet plan mostly), but the weight looses even on very little exercise. Give a try on this, this diet plan clearly works.

  9. Made this and it was yummy! Always in search for a tasty and healthy smoothie! Thanks for sharing!! protein shake review