Tuesday 13 December 2011

Diet Myths

So here i am always striving to be skinnier, leaner and more fashionable so today i want to share with you some diet myths!

These are common mistakes that all diets have probably done once, myself included.

Skip breakfast to save calories....

So skipping this may save you around 300 calories and cut down your food intake BUT research has shown that by eating breakfast it actually aids in sucessful weight loss!
If you have skipped breckfast your more likley to scoff a few snacks or have a blow out lunch as you become revionus and starving = NOT GOOD. Having a balanced breckfast keeps you fuller for longer allowing you to keep snacking down or even remove it completly.

Best breckie - whole grain - porrage - fuyit and fat free youghart. Blueberrys actually keep you fuller for longer so they are always part of my breckfast.

Am i hungry or thirsty?

before you reach for that next snack ask yourself... AM I ACTUALLY HUNGRY? chances are you not your just thirsty. Drink more fluid this helps stop snacking again keeping you fuller for longer!


So i love a tipple.. but dont foget to count those caloried too!  a small glass of wine can add up to a mighty 100 calories.  Swap out the wine for a lower calorie alternative such as gin or vodka. But please do remember everything in moderation as alcohol can cause major health issues so be careful and sensable.

cut back on food but no exercise?

want to successfully looke weight and keep it off you have to cut back on food and up the exercise, doing one without the other wont keep the weight off for long.

low fat and "light" foods

lower fat food lables = high in sugar, so you think your doing a good thing by gowing for the low fat option think again. The product may contain fewer calories but the sugar content is through the roof.  Love mayonaise then go for full fat but have less of it! these nothing woron with it in moderation and research has shown that people who go for the low fat options end up eating more to satisify them selves.

lean meat?

protein is great for weight loss. Why? it keeps you fulelr for longer i try and have it at EVERY meal which helps elievate snacking through the day

I took this information from the lloyds pharmacy All if You Magazing
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