Monday 12 December 2011

Me Me Me Shimmer Stack

Until recently i didn't use blusher, it was actually when i was having my make-up trial for my wedding that i discovered it.

So i really enjoy finding new brands and blush colour to create a new look.

At the Clothes Show this year i stumbled upon the Me Me Me stand, a brand i have become familiar with due to their fantastic one off offers, and the products i find to be pretty darn good too!

So to add to my new collection is the Me Me Me Shimmer Stack in Pink, this is to join the Me Me Me blush me in pink.

First off the packaging, very classic and classy. I find that due to its elegance and simplicity it fits in with my make-up perfectly. Packaging is important to me as that's what i see before the product itself and Me Me Me have got their packaging perfect!

It comes with an out sleeve (i tend to keep this as I'm a little anal about keeping my make-up looking like new). Top open the pallet you need to push in the front panel and the lid opens with ease.

Inside you get a good sized mirror for application when out and about, and 5 strip/stacked colours.

The beauty of this product is that it is multi-use, this is great for me it means it more than defiantly worth the money as not only can i use it on my cheeks i can create a matching look for my eyes too!

It also states it can be used on the brows, i personally wouldn't use this particular stack on my brows due to it being pink but i can see myself using the other two.

This is available to buy in both superdrug and online at, the stack retails at £9.99 but is currently on a limited offer for £7.99.

This will last you a while so for under £10 its worth adding to the collection.

Application is easy i used my Bobbi brown brush to apply to my cheek bones and it looks fantastic on, wouldn't you agree?

For this application i did it fairly lightly to compliment my skin and current make-up, i am excited to try it on my eyes too!

So to conclude i would buy this again and i would most defiantly recommend this to a friend.

Have you used any of the Me Me Me Range? I'm excited to use their new primer 7th heaven review coming soon!

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  1. Ooooh I love the look of this!!xxx

  2. its amazing im tempted to get the other 2 hehe

  3. ooooh really pretty, I'm tempted too!!Blush is my fav make up item! Though I do feel so conscious now that someone asked me to look into chemicals in our make up!! I just finished foundation and eye shadow, if you're interested, have a look at my blog ( NOte I'm still wearing make up :)
    Following you from BSN x

  4. thanks hun will check out your blog, thanks for reading mine xxx