Monday 28 November 2011

Vaseline Moisturiser

I’m not a negative person by my god I dislike this product It’s new on the market Vaseline Essential Moisture Oat Body Lotion.
This lotion cost me a mere 91p on offer at Tesco so fortunately it didn’t break the bank
It does have a nice smell the product is pretty worthless as far as far as a lotion is concerned. I needed 3 layers to even feel moisturised and then after 30 minutes I had to use a different moisturiser.
It left my skin feeling dry and horrid.
So to conclude I won’t be re-purchasing this product again
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  1. love the honesty... new follower from Monday beauties!! I would love a follow back

  2. Hi Becca, well i had to say how i feel i dont normally like negative posts but this products needed it lol following you x