Saturday 19 November 2011

Got to love the FREE Boots Advantage Card Magazine

Ok so free for me is probably the best thing you could say to me... I hopped (maybe walked with a little skip) on down to boots today to get my FREE models own lippy (review coming soon!) when you buy 2 bottles of diet coke! I don’t personally like diet coke but my sister may as well have a drip set up she drinks that much of it.

Unfortunately I want all 4 shades… who wouldn’t! but as always I do not need them and was being very strict with myself when all I wanted to do was go crazy and buy them all (I will allow anyone who knows my pain to feel sorry for me when I say) I limited myself to just the one today. It was not easy and took a crap ton of restraint if I am brutally honest but I managed to hold myself together and not cry leaving boots clutching just the one  and two drinks for my sister.
Boots advantage card magazine models own
Boots advantage card magazine models own
Of course whilst in boots, clutching my polish and diet coke I grabbed my complementary magazine, and spent the evening feeling sorry for myself having a mooch through it and I spied this pretty sweet deal that’s coming up.
If you spend £6 on Dove hand and body lotions or deodorant you get 2 yes 2 FREE Nails Inc. nail polishes. The shades are Mulled wine and Fizz!
So tomorrow in getting my butt to Boots (again) for this offer
Yes I do realise it’s not technically FREE but you get things that are useful in the process so that justifies the entire purchase.


  1. Fab deals - shame I don't live near a Boots :( xx

  2. Omg, thanks sooo much for tellng me this! I will be taking FULL advantage of this! Thanks! :D xo

  3. this was deffinatly something i had to share! im buying mine tomorrow! i cant wait im a complete sucker for free xxx