Tuesday 29 November 2011

My Weight Loss Diary

Right so my thing is diets, well you see i seam to ALWAYS be on one! it starting to be a little draining as i have tried them ALL.

The cabbage Soup diet
the south beach diet
the dukan diet
the clean lean and green diet
slimming world
weight watchers
Cambridge diet
Abstaining from food

and what i learnt is that all they were were quick fixes and the weight just went straight back on and then some ... ahhhhh

So there i was back where i had started feeling even more deflated, usless and well fat.

i got married May 21st this year and i managed to get my behind into a size 10 wedding dress after loosing 3 stone over 2 years, during the honey moon 2 stone creaped back on i say creaped i mean jumped i lost all control and could not stop eating drinking and well eating myself fat again.

So 6 months after the wedding I'm back again trying to get back to my pre-wedding size this time the right way!

I'm being healthy watching what i eat but having treats when they are welcomed! i no long treat myself with food after doing well at something now i treat myself with shoes, makeup or anything OTHER than food! and finally the weight is coming back off.

Calorie counting i have found to be what works for me, everyone is different but i ahve FINALLY found my way forward into my Size 8 Skinny Jeans!

My starting weight on this journey was 12st 10lbs
i don't have any picture when i got big again generally because i was too embarrassed

I am now at 12st 5lbs
Size 12-14
So if you will allow me i will share my ups downs, temptations and saving moments with you

Oh dont forget to leave a comment and share your thoughts with me i aim to reply to all comments left


  1. Aww, this is so good! I'm trying to get into a better shape myself. I'm small, but a bit bulgy in the middle from too much fast food last year. Blech! Lol. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck - but you don't need it, you've got this. ;)

  2. Oh good luck hun, I know how incredibly hard it is to try and lose weight.Hubby followed WeightWatchers because it allowed him to still have a drink and a bar of chocolate so he never felt he was denying himself. You can do it!!XX

  3. Thank you both of you! im hoping this weeks weigh in which is tomorrow will give me some good news im hoping for a pound and a half loss so fingers crossed. currently cheese is my downfall i knew i shouldnt have brought it lol.

  4. hey sweety, after reading i feel like we are totally similar! i have tried alot of diets ever since i gained 3 stone in a matter of 2 years! iv tried to get it off but to no avail, i used to work out all the time and eat whenever i wanted, whatever i wanted in moderation and it seems lately that nothing is working!

    i have just started a weightloss blog and hopefully that will give me the motivation i need/lack to kick my behind into shape. im hoping the more followers i get the less likely i will be to fall off the bandwagon seeing as i will have people who support me etc

    i found your blog on nikki's mane blog hop. im now following you :)

    check out my weightloss blog at Breezey's weight loss Blog

    and my beauty blog at BreezeyBee's Blog

    PS: you looked ravishing on your wedding day!

  5. i have signed up to both hun! its hard but we can do it.

    good luck hun xx