Tuesday 29 November 2011

My 17 Haul

Walked into boots to be tempted by the 3 for 2 offer on 17 products and of course I got sucked in!
It took me ages to find my 3 products as there was only 1 that I was pretty keen to buy!
First off we have:
New 17BB: Blemish Balm
Claims to be an All in One Magic Make Up: giving your skin a natural flawless finish, covering, Enhancing and protecting
For suck a small bottle it claims to do ALOT, and with a pretty kind price point too: I picked it up for £5.99 on offer
It glided on my skin nicely - please avoid your lips when applying they go ghostly white not a pretty look
It was a natural coverage, personally I hate my skin when I do not have a foundation on it, I feel that my skin tone is uneven and I have blemishes and thread veins I’m desperate to keep hidden. So as far as this product is concerned I would be more than happy to leave the house with nothing but this on if I happened to be in an almighty rush.
Next up we have
wild metallic eyes: in wild midnight blue
it’s a cream shadow which has a great intense colour and you only need a little bit, however I don’t like it as it doesn’t stay in place very long and clumps in the creases of your eyes giving you a NOT so sexy look! So this is not a product I would go and get me any other colour.
And finally we have
starry eyes glitter liner in Supernova
could use 2 applications but for a more subtle look 1 would work just fine, this is great for the Christmas party make up box and give your makeup that little something extra and for £3.99 you can’t really complain.
All would work great for Bonfire Night Sparkly look - what will you be wearing tonight?
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  1. That glitter liner looks so good! And I haven't really heard anything great about this BB cream, but it looks great on you! :) xo