Friday 18 November 2011

NOTD GOSH Hologram nail polish

Evening everyone! Hope your enjoying your Friday night. I am vegging in front of the TV trying to avoid eating the biscuit tin! (Not an easy task and currently it’s an even draw)
This is my first polish review and nail of the day post on my blog. I have chosen two colours that have just really jumped out at me I couldn’t resist taking 10 minutes to myself to paint my nails.
This was mainly to avoid eating cookies as you can’t do much with wet nails. I jumped in with a stunning GOSH polis called Hologram, this for me is a complete show stopper! It is multi tonal and almost seams to change its colours at every angle, it’s the first time I have personally seen a style of polish available to buy like this.
It may be gorgeous and completely out of this world apply like a dream and only require two thick coats or 3 thin layers (personal preference) I always go for 3 I find it is more even. With all these great point you say what could possibly be wrong with it we I am sad to say there is one thing which fails it greatly and in my books it’s a pretty massive quality I really appreciate in a nail polish
 It doesn’t last long and tends to chip easily.
GOSH hologram black nail polish review

Looks I give it a 10, but performance it’s a big fat 0.
On the odd finger I have another GOSH polish called Black Passion again I feel it chips so easily, as these are the only two GOSH nail polishes I have in my beauty kit I couldn’t tell you if it’s just these two specific colours because of the pigments in them or the complete collection. I personally do have an oily nail plate and find nail polish doesn’t last as long on me as my friends nails.
GOSH hologram black nail polish review dream in colour

Do you have any of the GOSH nail polish collection? What’s your take on it?
And can you recommend any of the GOSH makeup itself to add to my collection.