Wednesday 30 November 2011

Staying organised

Hello gorgeous people, hope your all well today!

Right so i like to be organised and the only way i can do this is by keeping a diary! Otherwise i double book, forget appointments and generally get myself in a right muddle.

I have been searching for my perfect diary for 2012 and i have narrowed it down to 2 pretty gorgeous suspects

The cupcake diary can be found here
The glitter diary can be found here

I love them both so much i cant decide the glitter one retails at £6 & the cupcake at £5 both might i add will look fab in my handbag! i am slightly swayed towards the glitter!

So i put it to you to help me decide what diary should i fill up with my endless appointments (one can dream) in 2012???

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  1. The glitter is fab and professional too I like it, the other is also nice though x

  2. im swaying towards the glitter! think im a little obsessed hehe xxx

  3. just to let you know hun that both the links go to the glitter one, xxxx

  4. I love everything cupcake so I lean towards that one :)