Friday 25 November 2011

Latest In Beauty Splurge

After reading one of my all time Fave blog Makeup Savvy  - 

She had just blogged about buying a Latest In beauty Sample box, in particular it was the Fragrance Box which you can find to buy here. It Costs a mere £4.95 with p+p which i agree is a total bargain!

You get 5 amazing Samples to test out before you go spend on the real thing!

First Off is Space. NK - Laughter this sample actually retails at £20!

Great little sample i love it and will when i have used it up be saving for a bigger bottle!

L'Occitane  Pivoine Flora
I am in love with this fragrance light fresh and smells of roses!

Ellie Saab
This one actually surprised me I'm terrible with perfumes and so far 3 in this box smell pretty good on me! this one is again nice and light and would work great as a day fragrance!

Liz Earle, Botanical Essence
This one unfortunately just isn't for me, it goes fairly musty on my skin.

Yardley Royal English Daisy
I love this fragrance it fresh and great for a summers day .

By this point i now smell of all 5 Fragrance's its a little off putting!

Whilst on the Latest in beauty site i also got persuaded into purchasing the THE CEW (UK) 2011 WINNERS BOX!

When it comes to products i am in fact a little bit of a sucker for sample boxes! i LOVE trying new things and sample boxes means i get to try ALOT OF NEW THINGS!

This box is £4.95 with FREE postage!

In this box you get....

Balance Me Rose Otto & Shea Butter lip salve
Really lovely light lip salve great for the up and coming winter months! its a great little number for the hand bag and this is FULL SIZE! and worth £8.00 alone making this box value for money!

Baltiste dry shampoo Diva
In new to dry shampoo and to this brand my first experience was with there Big & Bouncy XXL Volume Dry Shampoo you can check out my review here. This again is another great product and this one is handbag sized making it so handy!

Nivea For Men Q10 Revitalising Gel 
this I'm giving as a stocking filler for my husband.

Dr. Organic Rose Otto Skin Lotion
Not tried it yet but i will tomorrow morning!

Clarins Multi-Active Day Early Wrinkle Correction Cream  tried this today did leave my skin slightly shiny and feeling a little oily but this may be due to the fact i neglected to cleans and tone before i applied! i was just too excited when i got them this morning i HAD to try it!

they also do The Stocking Filler Box  which again is £4.95 with FREE postage! and this is on my list to get at payday!

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These boxes were brought by myself with my hard earned cash, the review are completly my own views, thoughts and feelings on this product


  1. Ooh, I've not heard of these boxes before. I get the Glossy Box, but the perfume box looks fab! Elie Saab is my new favourite :) xo

  2. I love my beauty boxes, it's a great monthly treat. I used to subscribe to the Glossybox, but i'm now with Boudoir Prive and they've had excellent boxes so far.

    Lovely blog, I'm your first Google connect follower :]

  3. im excited i get my first Boudoir Prive box this week cant wait to see whats in it i love sample boxes im addicted!

  4. Wow, I want one! As much as I'd want to, I don't think I could handle the perfume box because too many strong fragrances trigger huge headaches for me. Wish they shipped to the US, I'm so in love with these sample box programs lol.

    Stumbled across your blog from the Monday Beauties blog hop :)