Thursday 17 November 2011

My new blog

Hi All!
I am Aimee, I am newly married and living on Hayling Island with my husband and Chihuahua Gucci. I love all things beauty, I trained as a beauty therapist when I was 18 and have had many other vocations in between including training in forensic science (yes I am fully qualified). I currently work at home doing marketing.

sunset beach

I have a clear obsession with make-up, fashion, anything cute, food (my down fall) and Disney.
This is my corner of the WWW and I will try to include as much as I can that makes me laugh, smile, fall in love with, want to buy and swoon over.
 I love watching CSI and all similar related programs, have been to Disney world over 10 times (Florida) and I am half American.
pink glitter rubber duck
I LOVE pink, aqua and glitter!
No matter how shit my day is I will always try and put on my big girl pants and smile to get through it (and cry like a baby when I get home).
I am passionate, organised, slightly OCD, love shopping, love cosy nights in and fun night out with my girls.
I have learnt so much in my life so far and I have a crap ton more to learn, so hop on my online blog journal journey and let’s see where it takes us.
See you on the other side
Love Aimee
photo credit: Beach on Boxing Day via photopin (license) photo credit: Bath and Body Works: Pink Glitter Light-Up Ducky via photopin (license)

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