Friday 18 November 2011

REVIEW - Babyliss Pro Triple Barrel Waver

Hair can I just say has NEVER been my strong point, I have always naturally gravitated towards makeup and beauty, and however this doesn’t stop me desperately wanting to be good at hair. I am always on the lookout for products and electricals which will help me and my bad hair days look like the girl who wakes up looking perfect ( I know this isn’t going to happen but I refuse to let go of my dream).

I have been after this for AGES, and I finally got round to buying it last night. So as you can imagine when I woke up this morning I just could wait to give it a go. For my sheer desperate need to own it RIGHT NOW you can tell I didn’t order it online.

My hair is a night mare I have recently gone from bleach blond to chocolate brown, the condition is something to be desired and I have an annoying frizz to my hair! I don’t know which parent to thank that for but when it’s humid just think of Monica from friends when she going on holiday… oh yes ladies that’s me.

So through years or trial and error a few nasty tantrums, some screams and foot stamping I have finally (not quite but trying super hard) come to the understanding that when my hair is wet it look great... no wait amazing! it has a great surfer girl wave but as soon as it dry’s someone kill me it takes on a life of its own and it’s a complete frizz ball, this causes me to spend serious money on taming products and decent straighteners which leaves me spending a good hour straightening it.

I’m very bored of the straight look I wear it day in day out, I can’t remember the last time I went a little crazy and tried something new (the thought is actually fairly scary) and when I have not got the energy to do anything to it even straighten the hell out of it I resort to the good old faithful messy pony thing on the top of my head. 

So like a kid at Christmas I busted the waver out of it packaging and used it this morning and I’m in love! As I started to do it I did have my doubts (there was one meant when I almost looked like a confused poodle).

As soon as it was finished it look fantastic.

I brought mine from Sally Salon services on a VAT free day, but you can get this from Amazon for around £25.00 money well spent I say.

I love the look, it allows me to finally have more than one hair style, and it lasts the next day I had a softer wave which look gorgeous!

What’s your thoughts on it? Have you ever tried a waver?


I'm almost tempted to buy a crimper but is that going a step to far?


  1. This actually gives a pretty natural look, it looks better than I thought, actually! xo

  2. I like the hair style! I have so much hair that it takes forever to style with any sort of curling iron or waver, etc. But I'd love to get this look without having to take hours to get it! :) I followed you here from my Alexa Hop. I opened several pages, joined you on GFC and am now leaving you a comment. Would love for you to come back and do the same for me. Do you have the Alexa tool bar installed? It will help with your rank too when you're on your own page. :) Thanks!!

  3. Great look I am thinking about getting some soon and go for the crimper deffo not to far :D x

  4. thanks guys :) i love it and im addicted the crimper is deffinatly on my christmas list !!!