Thursday 24 November 2011

Batiste Bad hair day bye bye!

Right so this morning i may have woken up looking a tad disheveled and my hair i did not have time to wash.... Dry... Style etc so i settled with a quick shower!

I have never tried dry shampoo before so this is a complete first for me and i wasn't sure it would even work but it did! and I'm now converted.

The one i tried was big & bouncy XXL Volume, none of which actually describe my limp over coloured rather damaged locks.

As you can see from the before and after snaps there is a clear difference in volume and it no longer feels like it need a good scrub! (i will of course wash it tonight).

My hair now feel fuller and like i can actually go out the house with out being completly embarrissed of my lack of time to primp myself

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This sample was given to me at a PR event - my review and my views are completly my own thoughts and feelings on this product

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