Thursday 1 August 2013

Gummee Glove my little life saver!

Ok so you have a little person who is in need of chewing EVERYTHING! but their little hands cant quite hold onto the teething toys, know that feeling? well this is the best thing for that and the solution to your little persons problems.
arrived this morning and already she loves it amazing thank you
Gummee Glove its an ingenious glove which goes onto your little ones hand and allows them to be able to teeth with out getting grumpy!
from 3-6 months its worth every penny my 6 month old little girl still uses it now! she loves it!
check it out here!
its £9.99 plus shipping!
and they have a great little facebook community you have to join!
its made buy a mum for a mum!
Love Aimee

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