Friday, 2 August 2013

Turning 30 in style

I'm a little excited ! well not about the Turning 30 that I am a little bummed about but where I will be doing it is the thing that's keeping me going!
well were going to stay with my birthday twin Kelly for a week and were going to go to of course NYC be rude not to really! Kelly lives right near the city!
we made a promise a few years back we would spend it together in Hawaii, well its not quite tropical but its close ;)
were going for one week curtsy of my husband! were taking what will be my 8 month old daughter (god help me) and were pretty excited but were doing it on a total crappy budget!
I will be selling my everything on eBay to get spending money for this trip but my god it will be worth it!
OK so now im on a super serious diet! and saving spree!
Love Aimee

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