Wednesday 31 July 2013

When you blink this is what happens

OK so iv been away for a while but finally after 6 months i'm more myself again!
I am crazy busy and to sum it up i'm now a mummy to a gorgeous 6 month old girl called Autumn Brooke, she is just darling even when she keeps me up ALL night!
I went from 12 and a half stone to nearly 16 stone when I was pregnant and now i'm 12 stone with thanks to herbalife! i'm planning on writing posts on healthy snacks and meals as well as food for children mainly for selfish purposes to give me inspiration !
I'm currently a working mummy hermit! I have many jobs to pay my many bills! and this blog will keep me amused because quite frankly I need a hobby!
I'm attempting to locate Aimee again so this is me trying to find the fashion lovin, makeup wearing, hairstyling pre mummy! and combine her with the fast paced zero time mummy I have become in the last 6 months!
I will feature Fashion, beauty, wants and dreams, my must have but will never owns, top holiday destinations! Children's toys, bits and pieces fashion and fun and my life as well as fitness and food! I will have everything that pops into my head put right on this blog!
So are you ready to follow me!
hop on and follow my life journey !
Love Aimee

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